KOMPSAT-3 – Optical Ground Support Equipment

KOMPSAT-3 – Optical Ground Support Equipment

OGSEDesigned and manufactured to test the optical telescope also manufactured by TSESO in ambient and vacuum conditions. A 9 meter support bench with a 1 meter diameter collimator and a 1 meter diameter mototrized mirror for autocollimation were the main pieces.

A complex multidisciplinary project

Here is a list of the main systems to be provided:
- A 9 meter optical bench
- A large Cassegrain Collimator for optical testing purpose
- A 1 meter diameter and motorized auto-collimation mirror
- Motorized payload support system
- Focal plane instruments (motorized stages, integrating sphere, filters, monochromator)
- Air cushioned conveyor – Optical windows for vacuum chamber
- Vibration free system to protect the optical system
- Temperature monitoring system
- Command/control software for the positioning of the components


Thales SESO Efficiency

It only took 2 years to design, manufacture, test and deliver all the components of this massive project. It was delivered in September 2008

World class performances

2 large mirrors of 1 meter (flat and concave) were made using Zerodur™ ensuring virtually no thermal expension. Extremely low wavefront error (26nm RMS for the collimator and 9nm RMS for the flat auto-collimation) Minimal weight: lightened mirrors up to 80% its original weight

Results in the most modern optical laboratory in Asia