capabilities_polishingPolishing is the main strength of Thales SESO. We can polish a large variety of materials to almost any shape and size with the most demanding precision. We keep improving thanks to heavy investments and innovations.

Up to 2m diameter

We can polish any size from a few millimeters to 2 meters

Any Shape!

It can be flat, spherical or aspherical (elliptic, parabolic, hyperbolic, toroid).

Any Material!

Glasses, Ceramics (Zerodur™, SiC, ULE™), Metals (Al, Cu), Semiconductor (Si, Ge), Crystals (ZnSe, CaF2), and others.

Direct Off-Axis

Thales SESO has the equipment to do either off-axis aspherical mirrors from a parent spherical mirror or directly off-axis. This ability can save your project a tremendous amount of time and money.


With this process, the roughness can be lower than 1Å.

High Precision

Depending on the size, we can manage to have a Wavefront Error below λ/200 (or 3.2nm) Peak to Valley.

Continuous Improvement

In a search for better performances, Thales SESO constantly invests in new technologies. Among the lastest innovations, we can count 2 Magneto-Rheological Finishing robots, an Ion Beam profiling machine, 2 large double-side polishing machines up to 700mm diameter pieces. We also develop our own polishing robot which gives us the flexibility to rapidly adapt the design or even order new machines if your specifications require it.