Assembly, Integration


Assembly-Integration_thales_sesoWe can integrate complex opto-mechanical systems for terrestrial, spatial and UHV applications. Thales SESO worked on some of the most demanding project concerning precision and stability. Many processes and technologies were developed to meet this demand, including our ISO 5 and 7 clean rooms, as well as the innovations on optical contacting, silicate bounding, cementing.

Clean rooms

Assembly-Integration_thales_seso01The coating, integration and test of the mirrors are done in clean rooms. Our cleans rooms are either ISO 5 (class 100) or ISO 7 (class 10 000).

High precision

Thales SESO is capable of integrating lenses in mechanical parts with very high precision:
- Centering < 5um
- Air thickness < 5 um
- Tilt <1"


Thanks to an active research department, TSESO has developed advanced technologies such as:
- Optical Contacting (Positioning precision < 0.01 mm)
- Silicate bounding (similar performance as single piece)
- Cementing (+/- 2µm along 3 axes


We develop our own tools to meet the customer specifications.
The integration division uses:
- Interferometers
- Collimators
- 2D/3D Measurement imager
- Air-cushioned and anti-seismic tables

Installation on site

If required Thales SESO employees can come to your facility and setup the equipment.