BERSO – Dynamic test bench

Dynamic test bench for missile guidance detector heads (BERSO)


This is complex opto-mechanical dynamic bench (named BERSO) developed by SESO and used for purpose of testing infrared missile guidance detector heads. [/row]

This is a major heritage in the field of opto-mechanical delivery for defence. This BERSO bench highlights our capability to design, produce, mount, assemble and test (including on-site installation and training of customer personal). This complex bench includes:
• Different infrared optical channels combined with infrared dichroïcs
• A various number of blackbody sources, fitted with movable infrared targets, thanks to motorized movements and appropriate software.
• A common wide field illumination collimator used to concentrate the simulated targets onto the common detector head under test
• A global structure with all necessary covers, maintenance fixtures and human-machine interface


Thales SESO
After completion, SESO has also been involved in the development of a similar bench named OSTRALIA used for same kind of simulation for the last generation of infrared sensors with ultimate performance.