About SESO®

About SESO®

Our SESO® optics are designed and manufactured to meet the high end, state-of-the-art, challenging requirements or our customers.

A trusted partner

Founded in 1965, we have a long experience in the field of Space, Astronomy, Science, X-Ray and test systems. Our optical systems are mounted on some of the most renowned satellites (Pleiades, Kompsat-3, Spot, Jason, …), Synchrotrons (Spring8, Argonne, ESRF, …), Telescopes (VLT, …). Our customers are all over the world (Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Middle-East and Oceania).

World Class Capabilities

SESO® masters all the manufacturing steps thanks to an exceptionally wide range of milling, grinding, lightening, polishing and coatings machines and robots (more than 80). It gives us the flexibility to adapt to the most exigent customer specifications. – Shape: spheric, aspheric (elliptic, parabolic, hyperbolic, toroid) – Size: from 15cm to couple of meters – Material: Glasses, Ceramics, Semiconductors,… – Coating: Aluminum, Gold, Rhodium, protected or unprotected – Precision: low Roughness (super polishing) and flatness, … – Mirror lightening: up to 85% the original weight of the mirror To guaranty the optics are meeting the specifications, a wide range of interferometers are used to map the surface with less than 1 angstrom (more than 10 interferometer benches to adapt every shape, size or application).

We keep looking forward

SESO® constant investment and innovation policy ensures us to stay in the race and anticipate the always increasing needs of better roughness, flatness, weight, stability, … Among the last investments and innovations, we can count the 2 QED robots, the Ion Beam Figuring, a double face polishing of large flat optics, larger and faster interferometers, a patented deformable mirrors and bender.

Customer support and satisfaction

With a staff mostly composed of engineers, Phds and qualified technician, we will be able to provide the best solution and assist you in the definition of your project with our extended experience in opto-mechanical design, simulation, integration and Finite element simulation (for stresses, temperature, vibration, deformation simulation).