Thales SESO expands!

In order to meet the increasing demand, Thales SESO reinforces its teams and expands its production and office areas with a brand new building. This will bring the number of employee from 75 to more than 100.

This hiring will concern all the fields of activity:
- Optical studies
- Mechanical studies
- Project management
- Optics manufacturing
- Assembly/Integration
- Test
- Etc…

The production and office surface will increase by 1 200m²: from 4 500m² to 5 700m² The new building is conveniently situated right next to the original one (see red line on the picture below)

Thales SESO is also investing in a lot of last generation production machines and tools:
- Large-dimension CNC for the machining of especially hard material as ceramics
- Interferometers allowing metrology with nanometric precision
- Polishing robots using the best technics currently available (mechanical, magneto-rheology, ion beam figuring)
The purpose of these investments is to double our production capability.

TSESO map Entree TSESO


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