Optical Coating

Optical Coating

capabilities_optical_coatingWe operate 5 vacuum coating chambers – 3 by thermal and electron beam gun evaporation and 2 by magnetron sputtering (max 2 meters).
Thales SESO can satisfy the most demanding customers with our large variety of coatings: Reflective for UV/VIS/IR (space qualified), reflective for X-ray, anti-reflective, high power laser coatings,…

All our coating chambers are automated with in-process monitoring and “recipes” which can be stored and reproduced

Clean Rooms Class 10 000

Our coating installations are located in clean rooms class 10 000 (ISO 7). We also have a chemical lab for the cleaning of large optics.


Our specialists can design the coating to match your specifications using the software “Essential McLeod” The following coatings can be designed:
- Anti-Reflective
– Reflective metallic – Reflective dielectric – dichroic (LP, SP, BP)
o Long-pass
o Short-pass
o Band-pass
- beam splitters We can work with wavelengths from 200nm to 15um and in X-Ray range.

Coating Materials

We can coat using materials such as Cr, Rh, Pt, B4C, Graphite, Al, Ag, oxides (SiO2, Al2O3, …), fluorides (MgF2, BaF2, etc…), selenides, sufides.

Substrate Material

We can coat any substrate that we are able to polish

Spectrophotometric inspection

We have two spectrophotometers covering the range 175 nm to 25 µm :
– Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 with URA (Universal Reflectance Accessory) which allows transmittance and absolute reflectance measurements in the range 175 nm to 3.3 µm.
– Shimadzu IR affinity FTIR spectrophotometer for the measurements in the range 2.5 µm to 25 µm. We have 3 different reflectance accessories on this device to cover both absolute and relative reflectance measurements.

TSESO also has a Dewar allowing measurements of spectrophotometric parameters in the temperature range -190°C to 120 °C, both in transmission and in reflection. This Dewar can work in vacuum conditions.

Our measurements are linked to our Essential Mac Leod software for reverse engineering needs.