Scientific programs


Scientific programs

wind turbineBenders
Thales SESO can offer U-Benders (with one or two actuators) and 4 Cylinders Benders for horizontal focusing mirrors for Beamlines with adjacent beams with a distance of less than 150 mm.

wind turbineX-Ray Mirrors
Thanks to our Ion Beam Figuring Thales SESO can offer slope errors of less than 0.2 µrad up to 1.5 m long mirrors. It is also possible to offer 0.1 µrad on length up to 600 mm due to our new normal incidence interferometer.

wind turbineBimorph
Active mirror: Thales SESO supplies its new generation of bimorph where the small artefacts due to the limited length of the piezo electric ceramics are removed. Design based on its Patent 1000471-05/02/2010. They are already used on Australian Synchrotron and on Synchrotron Soleil. Thales SESO has been able to offer thanks to this design an active mirror polished on both sides (Proxima Beamline at Synchrotron Soleil).

FusionLaser Mega Joule
The high number of laser beams and the high power that will be implemented in the LMJ require optical components (windows, lenses, etc) of exceptional quality, particularly in terms of polishing. Working closely with the CEA, Thales SESO met the challenge by defining new processes and installing a dedicated production line.[...]

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